Diana is a Yoga teacher, Pilates (Stott Pilates Matwork plus and Advanced) and Antigravity (Foudamental 1 and 2, Christopher Harrison) since 2003. She has developed her experiences in Italy and abroad.

She started from a very young age with artistic gymnastics at a competitive level, and then continued with the Jazz dance, her first passion. She continued her journey with the study of Psychology. This union  of the body, with the study of the mind, led her to the discovery of the yogic discipline that became her lifestyle.

Diana has achieved various yoga classes, with world-renowned masters such as: David Swenson, Mark Derby and Joan Pelletier, Lino Miele, Graeme Northfield, of Asthanga Vinyasa yoga end, Jivamukti of Hatha yoga, Mark Blanchard of Power Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga.

Her passion for travel took her to India in the community of Osho in Puna, where she took the name Sanyasi “Ma Vimoksha” and participated in various yoga and meditation seminars.

The continuous exploration of oneself and one’s own body has led Diana to become a “Shiatsu” operator” ( 3 years, in Eco-life International Shiatsu School, 300 hours), coming into contact with people, in continuous exchange of healing energy.

The “Kriya Yoga” meditation of Paramansa Yogananda, becomes an integral part of her life, harmonizing everything.

Following devotion to this discipline, she shared her experiences by writing yoga articles for the bi-monthly magazine “Vivere la yoga” “Sprea” ex “Cigra” publishing house. The magazines entirely written by me are:

– Step by Step preparation n° 3 “Run and Yoga, improve your performance”.

– The secrets of wellness n° 1 “Reflexology, Shiatsu and Yoga to overcome back pain”.

– The manual of Vivere lo Yoga number n°1 “Yoga and Pregnancy”.

The passion and love for nature and the sea, has led her to live between Italy (Milan and Valle D’aosta) and Ibiza (Balearic, Spain) where she organizes Yoga, Pilates and Meditation Retreat.

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Her method

Starting from the Pilates method that encourages the use of the mind to control postural muscles, he created a mixture of Pilates, Hatha yoga and Vinyasa yoga. A method to acquire awareness of the breathing and alignment of the spine, strengthening the deep muscles of the trunk, very important for preventing back pain.

A dynamic sequence of yoga positions called “Asanas”, linked to each other through the rhythm of the breath, creating a harmonious and energetic continuous flow, which allows to experience the Eighth Branches of Ashtanga (Yama-Nyama-Asana-Pranayama-Pratyahara-Dharana -Dhyana-Samadhi). All enriched by “Pranayama” breathing techniques, Meditation and deep relaxation “Yoga Nidra”.


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