Drive down the speed – It is time to relax!

Author: Claudia Hahn

Spirit, it can be described as the air that is not visible but tangible around me. Spirituality is in each one of us. Some of us feel it more, others less. Most people have lost the reference to their own spirituality. Our society in which more and more speed and achievement is demanded keeps many humans from it, they rotate in the hamster wheel of their actions and even the leisure is planned up to the last second. Let´s drive down the speed and enjoy more our life!

Stress, hectic and hardly a phase of rest … that makes you sick in the long run! To manage one’s own stress becomes more and more important, because mental illnesses, mood swings, burn out and depressions are becoming more prevalent. They had become fashionable complaints.

Let’s relax …. give the whole a stop ….

Stress phases can be designed differently. Positive stress is helpful in finding motivation. Bad stress is one that manifests as the result of retracted patterns of action. “My workload is too big because I’m scared to say no and then I’m not accepted anymore …” Stoopp!

Let´s relax … start with yoga and other effective methods.

Yoga has a lot of tools ready for us to relax:

Breathing / Pranayama

Special breathing techniques, such as abdominal breathing, Ujjayi breathing (larynx breathing), Surya (sun) Bedhana or even Chandra (moon) breathing are very helpful. In yoga, breathing shows a connection between body and mind. Usually the focus on the selected breathing technique is usually so strong that we forget everything.

Ujjayi pranayama = a swoosh is created by narrowing the air channel.

Surya Bedhana (sun breathing) = it is inhaled through the right nostril and exhaled on the left.

Chandra Bedhana (moon breathing) = it is inhaled through the left nostril and exhaled on the right.

Relaxation travel

These can be short stories with a specific theme or guided relaxation in relation to the sensations of warmth, cold, tingling ….


Meditation is to calm the mind. There are several possibilities: Meditation / peace, gratitude; Auditory meditation (eg playing mantras), tarak meditation (focusing on an object and fusing with the object … candle meditation is often done, but you can also choose an image or other object), energy meditation (eg. Chakra meditation)

A meditation can be a walk through the forest, a sport, a painting … whatever you do to get out of the flow of everyday thoughts and actions.

Yoga Nidra

= the yogic sleep. We find ourselves in the alpha waves and in the space between sleep and awakening. The body sleeps and the mind stays clear and alert. Yoga Nidra makes it possible to completely relax physically, mentally and emotionally within half an hour.

In yoga there are many possibilities of relaxation. Learning mindfulness and accepting one’s own body structure ultimately leads to a more relaxed view of life. This gives you the peace and quiet you need to relax. Be happy!

There is a very simple trick to learn relaxing 😉 to start enjoying the cup of coffee with all his senses, the scent, the warmth, the taste …. enjoy it …. and stay relaxed! 🙂



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