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Earn an IBIZASPIRIT license

You are interested to sell under our brand name a new IBIZASPIRIT® product or provide an IBIZASPIRIT® service? Anyone can go with it and increase customer sales, but only with a license! We award individual licenses.

The name of IBIZASPIRIT® connects many people with the spirit of the famous and popular island Ibiza: Sensuality and vitality, vacation, relaxation, Yoga, music and good mood. That’s why IBIZASPIRIT® products and services offer added value and are becoming more and more popular.

IBIZASPIRIT® can also be used for comprehensive marketing and media activities, which greatly enhance the success of your pursued goals.

In addition to the marketing of your products and events , the IBIZASPIRIT® brand also offers other services, which bring the emotions of love and sensuality, fun, beauty, wellness or contemplation to your customers.

Since the name IBIZASPIRIT® is a registered european trademark (word mark), all protected products and services under this brand name naturally require a license. This license can be requested here.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, it is therefore necessary to obtain such a license. Furthermore, it is important to know: Who wants to advertise and do marketing under the brand name “IBIZASPIRIT” requires the license for this!

If you want to present yourself or your company on our online platform under your own brand name, please see our partner program.

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“IBIZASPIRIT” is protected for a variety of goods and services and a registered european trademark. Any use of the brand “IBIZASPIRIT” may require licensing, please refer to our license terms before using our brand name.

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