How Yoga and the influence of colors make us strong and happy

Author: Claudia Hahn

The world is colorful, very colorful and we can use the beauty of colors for more vitality. Before I encountered yoga there were only a limited number of colors in my closet. Dark blue, beige, black, white …. Yoga made my clothes more colorful and my flat also gained more color. Today I love colors and it may be really nice colorful.

When we practice yoga, we learn that everything around us can have a positive influence. Colors play a special role here. What do you think or feel, when you see a rich yellow lemon, look into the blue sky or look at a green summer meadow …. colors trigger something, they make us happy, thoughtful, reserved, but mostly joyful.

In yoga, the colors are associated with an energetic system, the chakra system. Chakras are called energy centers in the aura. The term itself comes from Sanskrit and means “circle” or “wheel”. Therefore, they are sometimes referred to as energy wheels.

Activated chakras make you strong and happy. It’s easy to activate these energy vortexes and, at the same time, it is absolutely necessary, because they allow the uptake of life energy and its unhindered flow.

We need this energ to work. Breathing, communication, metabolism, digestion (also emotional experiences), mental activity ….. all this requires a strong energy flow.

This energy flows through our bodies through channels called “nadis” in Sanskrit, which are in close connection with the chakras and connect them.

The energy centers are located very centrally along the spine, from the pelvis to the head. Everyone communicates with a glandular or nervous system or organ. Each chakra has its own mental meaning, color and physical connection.

I would like to describe them since the understanding allows to work with them indivually based on personal needs or problems.

Let’s start from bottom to top, in total there are 7 chakras (= vortex)

Red =) The Root Chakra (muladhara) / adrenals / bones – the first chakra, between anus and genitals: Feeling the ground under the feet, we are grounded in the reflex of our primal instincts and secured. We have found our place in the world and our security need is covered. In everyday life we practice patience.

Orange =) Sacral or Sexual Chakra (Svadhisthana) / Sexual Organs / Kidneys – the second chakra in the abdomen between the navel and the sexual organs: We have taken our place on earth and are ready to enjoy our lives with joy. We have a very good relationship with our environment. In everyday life, we purify ourselves externally and internally.

Yellow =)The Navel or Solar plexus Chakra (Manipura) / Central Nervous Brain / Pancreas – the third chakra, between the lower end of the breastbone and the navel: we are motivated to realize our goals, we focus on what we do and we are active. We use our meaningful power and go into action to achieve our whishes. In everyday life, we practice our charisma. We reflect what we experience and what we encounter.

Green =) The Heart Chakra (Anahata) / Thymus / Respiratory and Cardiovascular System  – the fourth chakra, in the middle of the ribcage, in and around the heart: We are ready to bring love, compassion and openness to ourselves and to other People. In the Heart Chakra lie our deepest desires. Others teache that it is the door to our soul. Our inner essence, our natural being, finds its place here. In everyday life we practice satisfaction.

Blue =) The Larynx Chakra (Vishuddha) / thyroid – the fifth chakra, located between the larynx and the throat: we are communicative, want to communicate, we express through language everything we think, feel and desire. The fifth chakra opens the door to higher wisdom. In everyday life, we bring our feelings in harmony with the mind.

Violet / Indigo =) The Forehead Chakra (Ajna Chakra) / Spiritual Activity – the sixth chakra between the eyebrows, forehead: we are curious, meditate, we see things behind things, see through reality, and realize the truth. We can choose to reconcile many situations and events. Whiteness, conscientiousness, liquidity, neutrality, abstinence and spiritual devotion are related to the forehead chakra. In everyday life we give space to our ingenuity, study and occupy our mind.

Purple / white / gold =) The Vertex Chakra (Sahasrara) / pineal gland- the seventh chakra located at the apex, the highest point of the head. Place of truth, unity, connected, the individual personality combines to a pure clarity with the endlessness. In everyday life, we create a window of opportunity that is entirely for us and clarify the things that are less significant, we create spiritual purity and bring us into the here and now.

With this knowledge you may want to work more with individual chakras and their colors.

Colorful is the world of yoga. This doesn´t surpise since yoga is wonderful to activate our energy centers. The views here are based on my attitude and research – find out, which of these are interesting for your chakra work and yoga practice.

One thing is clear, a more colorful world makes us shine ….. be happy. 🙂



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