How yoga has made me cool and happy.

Discover the small things between the big.

Yes indeed, yoga is cool, for me it is definitely like that! I have just come from a seminar where my task was to introduce yoga to young aspiring fitness professionals and to enable them to give their first own lessons. Let me tell you from this nice experience.

My first words I brought to the flipchart were “Yoga is cool”! I wrote them in small letters. Around them I wrote in big letters the name of the course. Since not all participants were present yet and there was still time, I left the room for a moment. When I returned, the room was almost full and many people smiled and one person said “Great, I love to read your words, Yoga is cool.”

This was really a nice experience. What do I mean by that, I assume you know it. Many of us nowadays mainly see the big things around them. Everything that is big is immediately noticeable, what takes direct access to us, we immediately realize. However everything that looks small, inconspicuous on us, but could lighten our heart, remains often undiscovered.

This fact can be found in many situations in our life and the way, how we respond to them.

Often people are blinded from what the external environment shows them apparently, and yes, there are people who even build their life mostly afterwards.

Each day we are flooded with all sorts of big topics on the radio or in newspapers.

However tight to the outside world and its visible “big” things, there is the danger that we forget who we are in our inner being and what heart’s desire fulfills our existance. We often give up to much of our life for news and the big things in the outside.

Affected people often cannot recognize what is happening to them, because they think and feel that this lifestyle is normal.

Therefore I believe it is increasingly important, that we discover the little things between the big things. The reaction, which the young person showed in my seminar was wonderful, so open, spontaneous and also full of mindfulness.

I love this mindfulness. When we begin to lose it consciously or unconsciously, the inner child in us begins to suffer and we lose energy faster than ever before. Our inner child then often becomes ill.

We live in a fast-moving world and it is important for us consistently to find the balance, to create a break, to spend some time with ourselves or with loved ones. A few thoughts that I would like to share with you:

🙂 The best and simplest kind to redscover the small between the big and practice mindfulness is a form of meditation on the senses, I call her coffee meditation (you can call her tea meditation, if you like).

I wish you that you also at least once a day have the time to enjoy your favorite drink, to open all your senses … to feel the hot cup in your hands, to smell the scent of coffee and to taste the wonderful.

This is meditation in its depth, it means to clarify and clean the mind.

Give yourself regularly a rendezvous with yourself and your inner child and do something very special. 🙂 Shape your year in advance with appointments on which you are particularly happy.

Start a hobby, dare something new and get to know you again.

And: Get into the here and now and feel the happinez out of it.

Yoga is really cool to realize awareness and mindfulness! And if yoga fascinates you, you can always rediscover yourself here and you can do yoga everywhere.

I would like to give you a quick impression on what yoga has given me as well:

I certainly take tasks important but what I see as less important for a long time is to think about having to do them, what may lead to inner resistance. I’ll just accept and follow my tasks and obligations full of mindfulness and enjoy the moment of doing. When practicing this addiction everything is more easy and I got this attitude by practicing yoga. 🙂 Yoga made me cooler and happy 🙂

I am grateful enjoy yoga evweywhere, especially at nice places. I see us right now on the beach greeting the day with a wonderful sun salutation.

I wish you a good start into the new week, have fun with everything you do and discover the small and lovely lovely  between the big things.

Author: Claudia Hahn

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