I love yoga because…and you?

Author: Claudia Hahn

I love yoga because …..

There are plenty of reasons why you can choose the path of yoga. Yoga helped me to become strong, break out of an environment that was not mine. I needed a lot of courage and without yoga I certainly would not have made it. Why do you love yoga and what good things has it brought into your life?

Everyone writes the own story, sometimes with really nice and sometimes with less nice moments. Every experience sets a milestone in our life and makes us grow. I see yoga as one of the most natural methods of self-help we can find. It offers a variety of ideas and possibilities to strengthen one’s own innermost being.

Philosophy, meditation, satsang, and any form other than the body movement on the mat, was strange to me at first. It took me a long time to get that to myself, which I really needed.

My very first yoga class was in a public class that actually pleased me, but that statement from a student after one hour shocked me: “With yoga you have to be careful. If you are not careful you will fall into a huge dark hole. You are poor if you have no one to get you out of there.”

How would you feel with such sentence? Unfortunately that guy couldn´t give understandable reasons for his opinion. At that time I thought in dismay, no, I really didn´t need that. I therefore desisted from yoga.

Yoga came back to me a year later and happily I decided to practice again, Chaturanga Dandasanas, Dogs looking down, Hand-foot balances …. so much body work, so much sweat and then relax, I found out 🙂 that was mine and still is today. I am an absolute Vinyasa Ashtanga fan.

In retrospect, I find that the philosophy of yoga has become an important piece of my life. We are allowed to be as we are, we can experience and make mistakes, because we learn from them, we can differ from others, and we can cheer and scream for joy, even if no one understands us.

As a child, I prayed every night and sent positive thoughts to every creature. The universe has noticed and not forgotten me. Everything you give from you comes back one day to you – I was allowed to experience that not only once. The philosophical explanation of yoga contains a truth that captivates me.

I was very inspired by the 8 steps of the Patanjali Yogasutra. The story contains so much worth knowing. The ancient wise Rishis were clever and knew how to harmonize the vibrations of the environment and nature. What they gave us is a great gift.

The eight stages of Patanjali contain an ethically morally constructed structure that is beneficial for personality development. It’s about the behaviour with the outside world, developing self-discipline in body practice, learning to detoxify  by breathing techniques and learning to observe the outside world as part of life, with the possibility to retreat. It’s about concentration training, about focusing on what you’re doing, meditation that’s nothing but mental education, and the education of the eighth-grade Samadhi: a happy state that’s hard to describe. Being in union with the environment and be completely satisfied.

If you are more interested I can really recommend to read: TKV Desikachar Yoga Tradition and Experience “The Practice of Yoga after the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.”

Sorrow – pain – healing – happiness and peace …… We live in a massive dualistic system. In this system we can learn to recognize the duality in its positivity. Could we feel the heat without ever having experienced cold? You can choose the word warmth instead of heart warmth. Every experience, every step of our life is so important, it shapes us.

I’ve been teaching yoga for over 12 years and I’m happy to see my students develop during the training. Most of them found the courage to take the step to share their talent with the world. And that is the greatest gift for us all!

I love yoga because ….. Yoga is simply cool.

I wish you a nice pre-Christmas week and would like to give you a little exercise:

Allow yourself to pause, feel your feet on the floor and tell to yourself, here I am and that is wonderful!

Give a smile to you- because what you are doing is something very special.







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