Yoga teacher, the nicest job in the world

Author: Claudia Hahn

The Yoga Alliance certified yoga teachers and schools are now jumping out of the ground like mushrooms and that is a sign that this organization has a solid foundation and great consistency. It offers a variety of topics about the most varied styles of yoga. The yoga alliance has become a hallmark of well-trained yoga teachers, a good organisation that is protective and supportive.

I am happy to be a certified yoga teacher of the Yoga Alliance. The yoga came to me, so to speak, I was in the right place, at the right moment, at the right time and it was just there, the school where I did my apprenticeship and today even have my place in the instructor team. And that already over 10 years.

Yes, I wanted a yoga education, but one that matched my attitude to yoga. I was still too far away from meditation, mantras and the philosophical line of yoga. Coming from the fitness industry, I made the experience of Vinyasa Power Yoga. That was the perfect entry to me. In this class, only the body practice was considered and that was appealing to me immediately. I met a rather young school that was already certified by the Yoga Alliance. The training was perfect because it gave a very good structuring and approach and led me step by step to the point, that meditation, the practice of pranayama is as important as the asana practice.

Mostly we get to the inner perception through the activity of our body. I have meet people who started meditating, so the spiritual practice. They had never done the Asana Practice before. I found out, that at that time this group of people was still in the minority.

Movement brings life, movement makes you feel and by feeling we will notice our own breathing and finally we begin to perceive ourselves more consciously. “Breathing forms the bridge between body and mind.”

That’s what yoga is all about.The construction of an inner stability, we may call it personal development.

Find out for yourself what your personal goals are, why you would like to do yoga or want to become a yoga teacher.

In my opinion we have the nicest job in the world. 😉

If you are looking for a Yogaalliance certified school, you will find the right one on, and maybe even near you.

In addition, I would like to mention that I am convinced that other organizations also have their quality. Inform yourself and give yourself time for your choice. Just take the mat and go to the yoga classes ……… I wish you a lot of fun and success.





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