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About One Day Retreat Ibiza

Thanks to the magnetic forces of Es Vedra, many people are attracted to Ibiza. And due to this vibrant energy, there is no better place for a yoga retreat then Ibiza. For those who don’t have time to commit to a weeklong retreat, there is One Day Retreat Ibiza. A complete retreat experience in just one divine day, all year round.

There are retreats for special events like a bachelor party or charity event possible. Please feel free to make a not binding booking request for your project.

How about a private one day retreat as your next company event?

Private one day retreat

Treat yourself and your company with a one day retreat, which is exclusively organized for you and your company. Start the day at your villa, which the founders of One Day Retreat Ibiza will turn into a sacred space.  Press pause during this relaxing day that starts with a special openings circle, followed by several styles of yoga, meditation, pranayama, and a guided walk through the healing nature. If you like you can add a HIIT-training or private tennis lesson if your villa has a court. There is also a possibility to spend the day completely in nature and to customize the retreat the way you want.

Besides all these treats for your mind&body, you don’t have to think about anything but yourself. The founders of One Day Retreat Ibiza take care of the rest and spoil you with brilliant beverages, fresh fruit, healthy snacks, and a lovely picnic.

All-in price € 169 per person (taxes are not included), with a minimum of 4 persons.

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