Reflect and come back into the here and now.

The valuable time between Christmas and New Year.

For many people, the period between Christmas and New Year is a time of contemplation. It is quiet, many of us are at home or relax on vacation. Finally, time for the things that were set back a little more or less throughout the year. We reflect, think about what we achieved, what was good and what was less good. An annual review takes place in the mind. Then we calmly come back into the here and now and collect energy for the new year.

How I positively changed myself.

At the beginning of 2018, the word “freedom” danced around in my head, manifesting itself throughout the year so much that my life circumstances created afterwards. Because I always looked at this word and imagined how I would do with it … I already felt “freedom”. Now I can say “Wow”. From a professional perspective, there has been a new change that has brought me freedom to be self-creative. For next year, there is another word for me, I accept what happens and just keep going as before, in one or the other direction give a little more gas, because to see what can develop is very exciting for me.

Do you also have a word that changes yourself? Or do you rather say “I let myself surprise what the new year will bring”? We are free in thinking. And especially right now, since we have got some time. Do you have to work between the holidays, I wish you that at least everything runs a bit quieter than usual and you can go down from the gas pedal.

For this short blog, I’ve brought you an exercise that will help you stimulate your body and organs to get your metabolism and digestion going. It settles the energy balance of the right and left side of the body and helps you to open your heart and focus on the things you just experience. Come back into the here and now. There are easier and more difficult ways to do this exercise. I have described an easier version. Do it slowly and at the speed that is most comfortable for you:


Starting position: Twisted seat.

You sit cross-legged on your mat and stretch out your right leg. The left leg remains bent. Depending on how it is possible, place your left foot to the right inner thigh or place the heel to the right thigh near the hipbone (as in the ½ lotus). The left hand sits on the right tibia, the right one sits behind the pelvis on the floor. Breathe in and set up your spine, with the exhale you turn out to the right side.

Repeat the exercise on the other side. As you can see in the following pictures, you can also rotate from the cross-legged sitting position to the side. Use a chair when cross-legged is uncomfortable.

Reflect and come back into the here and now
Reflect and come back into the here and now
Reflect and come back into the here and now
Reflect and come back into the here and now


Reflect and come back into the here and now
Reflect and come back into the here and now

Author: Claudia Hahn

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