Spring-cleaning with Yin Yoga exercises

The springtime invites us to clean and absorb new freshness. Either in form of physical or mental purification. We want to take off our winter dress and open all the ways to put on our spring dress. The nature shows us renewal by the seasons change and its flowerage in springtime. It inspires me always again how sensible our body and also the mind react to the seasons. I do not want to suggest a diet or cleansing cure for you here, but rather open your awareness of the elements of nature in connection with a small selection of Yin Yoga exercises.

Detoxification does not always have to be sudatory, but can also take place in calm. Devoting oneself to the readiness to admit new, springlike in his life, because that is the flow of life.

The polarities of yin and yang are closely related to the five elements of nature. These are water, fire, earth, wood and metal. Each element can be projected specifically onto our body and often combines in its capacity with one or two of the other elements.

Water – calm ” in the calm lies the power of man”, emotion: fear

Fire – activity, freedom, aliveness, love, clear and alert mind, calm power, emotion: joy / pleasure

Earth – basis, grounding “to have ground under your feet”, connection of heaven and earth, emotion: melancholy

Wood – new beginning, personal, mental and spiritual development, emotion: anger / anger / willpower

Metal – for structure, retreat and focus on the essentials, power of absorption and release, emotion: sadness / grief

“Wood burns to ashes in the fire element, the ash creates fertile soil. Earth is the mother of the metal and controls the water. “

I think that sounds very interesting and we can see that everything is connected. More detailed in the book by Karo Wagner and Tasja Walther “Mental Yin Yoga”.

With these thoughts, I come back to earth already very quickly when I only hear the word “nature”.

Let’s take a closer look at the element wood. Why? Because it connects with spring. Surely you have discovered during a walk on the already warmer days, something is happening in nature. The trees start to bud their buds and the willow catkins are already clearly visible. Wood is flexible, resistant, but also knotty. Wood is getting old, but keeps moving in the direction of growth, it wants to be high and is full of drive.

In order to open ourselves to renewal, we need a dose of patience, a clear picture of how we should organize ourselves and what our future should look like. We can go our way creatively and colorfully. We succeed when we are in harmony with ourselves and know what we want.

Right now, during the transitional period from winter to spring, when our body is not quite as active, it invites you to go deeper into the Yin Yoga practice to give the proper impetus to the properties of the wood element in us.

Yin practice: Yin yoga positions are held for 2 to 5 minutes or longer. Relax as good as possible. Here, certain target zones are addressed. I select these target zones according to our element of the wood. These are the areas through which the liver and gallbladder meridians flow. This meridian pair acts as an organizer of the energy distribution in our body. The energy is transported exactly where functionally the body needs energy. To understand more precisely where the target zones are located, you will read the following paths of the two meridians:

Liver meridian functional circle: starts at the nail of the big toe on the inside, leads over the insides of the lower and thigh upwards and ends under the costal arch.

Gallbladder meridian functional circuit: begins at the outer corner of the eye, zigzags over the temples, over the occipital region, past the shoulder joint to the front of the body to the costal arch, continues over the iliac crest along the outside of the leg and ends on the outer tip of the fourth toe. The toe next to the little toe.

(Description from “Holistic healing at the right time” by Anna Elisabeth Röcker)

Roughly described our target zones are on the outside right and left side, on the legs on the inside and on the front of the body.

These areas are often are negelected in training, I think. Their treatment is therefore very good 😉

Yin Position:

Banana (gallbladder)

Dragonfly (liver)

Twist / crocodile lying (gallbladder)

Camel (liver)

Tools: mat, blanket, small pillow, yoga block or 2 thick books. hta



You lie in the supine position in the middle of your mat. Your feet and arms will wander into the right corners of the mat so that you are as crooked as a banana, stretching your left  outside, and your right outside arching inward. m


You sit upright on your mat,streak the bottom out right and left to facilitate the Beckenkippung (hip bone to the thighs). Your feet open in a wide straddle until the inside of the legs stretch noticeably. The body tilts forward, feel free to put your forearms on a pillow, a book or a yoga block.

Twist / crocodile lying

You lie in the supine position and have positioned your feet hip waist down towards the buttocks. The arms are relaxed at the sides. Lift your pelvis and shift it to the right side. The knees bend to the left side, your gaze goes to the right side. Both shoulders love on the floor, maybe put a small pillow under your knees.


You’re on your mat while kneeling and stretching your spine long. The lower abdomen moves in the direction of the spine to give you stability. Bring your arms over them Side up to the ceiling to stretch upwards and put it either on the lower back or on the heels. The pelvis pushes forward and the sternum opens up to the ceiling or to the sky when practicing outdoors 🙂

After the camel put you in an opposite position – take a rolled up attitude on the floor, the child (Balasana) is particularly suitable.

Take each exercise in a way that allows you to stay relaxed for a longer period of time.

Stay in every position for at least 2-3 minutes, preferably longer, if you like. The musculature releases after about 1.5 – 2 minutes on its own, relaxes and the exercise can flow its effect into the deeper tissue layers.

I wish you a lot of relaxed fun in your practice 🙂

Love from


Author: Claudia Hahn

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