The magic time before Christmas – Stay relaxed with Yin Yoga

Author: Claudia Hahn

The cosiest and quietest time of the year has begun, we treat ourselves to every rest we need and take into account the needs of our body ….. of course we do that, don´t we? 😉 Hardly stressed, we buy the most beautiful Christmas gifts for our loved ones and gladly accept the additional tasks of ourwork, because there are still many things to do at the end of the year. Now, who of us is able to do this actually?

The weeks before Christmas can have something magic, but we need to keep balance to be able to enjoy them. We give a fasting go to do all for having a beautiful time with our dearest at the end of the year. We often forget however that we consume much more energy during this time. The lighting conditions have changed, the days have become shorter and our need for relaxation is now much bigger. Treat yourself to a break with Yin Yoga. Draw strength and energy. Charge your battery. 🙂

What is Yin? The Yin belongs to the Yang and comes from the Taoist / Daoist tradition. This nature-related system originated around the 4th century BC. This tradition is described as a tradition of wisdom and has established itself over the millennia as a philosophy of life. The polarities yin and yang are considered. The Yang describes the male, stimulating and logical side. Yin is the feminine, static and calming energy. Two forms of energy that describe the nature of things in our world and their constant transformation.

The symbol represents the wholeness of all things. The white side in the symbol stands for the Yang energy and the black for Yin.

The yang can not do without the yin and the yin without the yang. Both forms of energy form a unity and find each other in the other.









In Yang Yoga you will find all muscle active yoga styles like Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga…..

In Yin Yoga classes you find a training in more passive muscle activity and the positions are held for a longer period of time.

We are allowed to let ourselves down and just enjoy the individual exercises. Why do we do that? The answer of this is, we want to loosen up underlying fascia structures / connective tissue structures, make them supple and allow our meridian system a better flow of energy. Moreover Yin Yoga gives us room to come in a very pleasant mental retire, switch off and watch oureselves heedfully.

In the following I have described  a small exercise sequence 🙂

It should bring you serenity in the current magic of the time before Christmas and give you a sense of letting go. Give yourself a few minutes, completely for you ….. 15 minutes … or less, how you like.

1. Butterfly

2. Lying heart opener

3. Lying twist

Find a cozy and warm place, take out a blanket or your yoga mat, light a candle, if that’s your taste. You can practice without music but also with music that has a nice, pleasant effect and invites you to relax.

Material: 2 small pillows and one or two blankets.

1. You sit down on your mat for the first exercise, stretch both legs forward, the soles of your feet touch and your knees are slightly open to the side, and a pillow under each of your knees. Now relax and lean over your legs, just as far as you come. The most important is to be relaxed. The body does it all by itself.

You breathe in through the nose and direct your breath into the abdomen, over your back you let the breath out. Imagine figuratively that you exactly breath this way.

Stay for 3-5 minutes and also longer, if you like.

Butterfly position

2. For the next exercise, roll your blanket to a long sausage, take a second blanket and roll them together. You put the blanket lengthwise on your underlay and sit down in front of it, hold yourself a little up and calm down on the blanket roll. Your sternum should be able to open well and your shoulders sink low and relaxed. The legs are stretched. You can put the pillow under your knee.

Stay for 5-8 minutes, then lay on the leftside, pull your knees to the chest. Put the ceiling sausage aside and get inthe supine position.

Shavasana with heart opener

3. In supine position you put both feet on, the fingers are stilted an press your hands in the ground, as well as your shoulders. Now roll your back slowly up from the mat vertebra by vertebra and let your hipbones shine like two lamps to the ceiling. Lay your back slowly on the mat again. Roll up a second time but not that high like before and shift your pelvis slightly to the left side, droop your knees to the right side. You open the arms at shoulder level. Lie relaxed and inhale into your left flank side.

Stay for 3-5 minutes and then shift the pelvis to the right side to repeat the exercise on the left. Finally, cover yourself and stay in a supine position for a few minutes …. enjoy and relax ….

Lying twist

After each exercise, you feel into yourself and give your body what it needs, sometimes it likes to stretch to compensate ……..

Stay relaxed – because stress can anyone 🙂

I wish you yin and yang harmony and a nice advent season.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments to this exercise.



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