We all have the free, wild warrior in us.

The Warrior Pose on road.

The Warrior Pose brings a lot of power and energy within the body. Hence it is considered as a pose of a warrior. It cultivates presence, benefits muscles and activates the eye-, heart-, solar plexus-, sacral- and root-chakra. Last week I was on travel in Turkey and practiced yoga at different nice opportunities and places, of course also this pose.

Virabhadrasana III – Warrior III

This asana looks super easy, but is a real physically challenge for many of us. However challenges are great, aren´t they? If a new situation shows itself to you, it will spark your enthusiasm, creativity and a further development of yourself. Let off steam in the playing field of life and see what’s possible … that’s fun. Open the wings and go for it.

Virabhadrasana III lets us play – balance – opening – force – putting focus.

Your yoga mat is rolled out or you are standing somewhere, at your workplace, at the cash register in the supermarket or wherever you are.

Keep you feet hip-width apart. Open your feet waist down, imagine a third foot between the other two. Your left foot makes a small lunge back and you bring the balance on your right leg.

Your pelvis straightens up and the head crown rises to the sky. You spread both arms at shoulder level and release your left foot from the floor. With the leverage of the leg, your body orientates forward until the upper body is aligned parallel to the ground.

Intensify this exercise by moving consciously the lower abdomen to the spine, the left leg lifts in extension of the upper body. Are you standing safe, you can pull your left arm stretched back towards the left stretched leg. Stretch both arms apart and stretch the spine, staying strong in your abdomen. (Uddiyana Bandha fixed).

You can bring your hands forward at the end for the full Warrior III

I wish all readers a healthy, happy 2019 and wide wings for your wishes !



Author: Claudia Hahn

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