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Hello dears! Yoga is wonderful for more relaxation and agility. Would you like to inspire other yoga lovers because you have practiced yoga already for a while and have found your preferred style?  Tell us something about your experience:

  • Which is your preferred style? Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Flow Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Kundalini Yoga…?
  • Let us know why you like your style and what your personal goals are with it. Is it more your love of physical activity or spirituality?
  • Are you a yoga instructor? What would you recommend beginners?

2 Replies to “Welcome to our Yoga and Fitness Blog”

  1. Hi, I am Monika from Austria, I practise the 5 Tibetans since 2014. I like them, because they are very empowering sequence of yoga exercises. They are easy and just need afew minutes each day. It is my goal to activate my energy flows and keep up my well-being with the easy and dynamic asanas. I love physical activity.

  2. Personally I am a fan of Kundalini Yoga – it relaxes me and gives me power and strength. I really can recommend it to everybody who is stressed and has to cope with challenges in personal and working life. Also the Mantra singing easily brings you back to center.

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