Juli 29, 2019

7 Tips to keep you “Warm-Calm-Collected” during short or long-haul flights

Author: Liilamaya Liliana Galvis

Alas, ’Tis the Summer traveling season :-) and while a lot of you are planning an adventurous, fun and hopefully restful holiday, others may still have to work and or do something that feels like work.
In my case, the demanding and possibly slightly confronting task of weaning my little pequenita off my breast.
So while I write this article, I will be dreaming of my next vacation with out a doubt.
Years of traveling have served me well in putting the following list together as with most things, practice is everything!
While many may think of travelling as a “glamorous” thing, it is in fact tremendously harmful and to a certain extend aging to our already delicate systems. Unless you take care during the process and actually start before the plane takes off with preventative practices. We do not have to be Yogis to follow healthy practices for health, vitality and rejuvenation. 
Experiencing energy depletion, swollen joints, painful lower back, dehydration & dryness, digestion issues, swollen veins (thrombosis), sore teeth (yes sore teeth) and jet lag (btw: jet lag affects your whole physiology including cortisol levels, which affect your physical functioning) may be enough to not want to get on another plane for a long long time. So take good care and plan before you fly.
In order to give your system the chance to re-calibrate even before the damage is done, the following is a -GUIDE to survive the bad effects of flying-, long or short, it is still flying, as it puts your entire system through a major set-back so you can start to enjoy the venture with out needing two days to recover.


1- As prevention, start hydrating your system 24 hrs in advanced. (warning: you will pee a lot, which in fact will cleanse your system). Include coconut water with out sugar. Besides hydration, also prepare your body: practice Yoga the day before or even better, the day of travel, chose more yin / restoration type of classes so you do not lose extra water your body needs for the journey. For the mind: practice meditation the morning you travel so you are in a calmer state in case you have to act unexpectedly or are not thrown out of centre for what ever reason. AVOID eating a   heavy meal before flying. Do not leave anything to the last minute, BE PREPARED to ease the journey.
2- Wear comfortable clothing made of natural fabrics so to aid the body with perspiration. Dress in layers. A hoodie is a must :-)
3- Drink Drink Drink water water water not cafe cafe cafe. Our adrenal system is easily overwhelmed becoming stresses and dehydrated from the effects of traveling alone so plan ahead and get everything you need to make a “water blend” to keep us system in check. Warning: bring with your everything you need which will not be confiscated at customs and once you have passed, you buy a bottle of water or refill the one you are traveling with. Ingredients: a little honey or maple syrup, a pinch of good quality salt, fresh fruit (Ur choice of: cucumber, pine apple, watermelon), tiny pinch of turmeric, and a little bit of coconut oil) Drink often as needed. Your system will thank you.
4- Pack some essential oils. Benefits are plenty besides helping to kill airborne bacteria. (Make sure you have used them before). Suggestions: Tea Tree, lemon, peppermint, cinnamon & eucalyptus. Suggestions: take a few drops of either or make a mix in advanced, rub the oil on your wrist pulse points, sides of the neck, your chest (if exposed) and right at the base of your nose. A little spray bottle is all you need if you want to make your own mix and add water to it. Spray when needed it puts a smile on your face.
5- After take off, wait at least an hour before settling into night mode. Remove your shoes and take care of your feet. Take your essential oil mix and rub your soles with it. The soles have some of the largest pores in our bodies making it easier for the body to absorb the benefits of the oils. After rubbing your feet, put a pair of clean tight socks on and maybe even bring an extra pair to put on when you got for a walk. (do not forget to go for a walk, at least every hour or two) Before falling asleep, if you are, put on a generous amount of face cream on your face and do not forget your eye mask. While you sleep, your skin can absorb creams much better than when we are awake; last but not least, wear ear-plugs. 
6- Bring your own snacks. I could not recommend this enough. Plane food is not optimal even if you are travelling first class. Suggestions: goji berries, cacao beans, coconut chips, raisins, dry fruit, pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, apples, cut up fruit and veggies. Better raw if your belly its ok with it.  These foods are light, nutrient rich and packed with good fats to keep your blood sugar balanced through out the flight.
7- Reset your energetic body. Once you have landed, you need to take care of your energy field depletion. Planes are filled with electromagnetic radiation and hence why we may experience feeling spacey, frazzled, wired, anxious and or headaches. Make sure you do grounding practices such as: energy healing (example: Reiki), massage, yoga, walking, rubbing feet, travel, also, travel with a stick of either: sage, palo-santo or incense and when settled, use the smoke to cleanse yourself energetically. Practice PRANAYAMA, breathing exercises and before retiring on the other side, place your legs up the wall: Upavita Karani. 
8- AVOID heavy food for at least 48 hrs after landing and keep up with the self-massage as it ignites your entire inner-pharmacy :-)



Utpala - Liilamaya (Liliana)
Director of LilyPod Yoga & Ayurveda School.


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